Support Poets for Science

Partner with us to support the arts and sciences by donating to Wick Poetry Center's Traveling Stanzas project at Kent State University.

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$5,000 AND ABOVE
Kent State University College of Arts & Sciences

$1,000- $4,999
Maria Popova

Glady Thacher
Politics and Prose Bookstore

UP TO $499
Annette Cyr
Therese Broderick
Jason Gray
Kathryn Walley
Jen Benka
Ohio Poetry Association
Glenn Hanniford
Joseph Bocchicchio
Constance Crawford
Antoinette Ercolano
Marilyn McLure
Elliot Figman & Ella Jolly
Toomas Tubalkain
Ellen Bass
Emily Levine
Carol Amato
Christopher Korody
Mary Fitzpatrick
Maureen Eppstein
Margaret Van Dyke